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PRIDEnet Summit for Community Partners
October 21-22, 2016
San Francisco, California

PRIDEnet is thrilled to invite our Community Partners to our first Summit to build community, expand networks, generate new ideas, and advance LGBTQ health research together!

Please contact us to receive copies of presentation slides from the PRIDEnet Summit at or 855-421-9991 (toll-free) or contact Community Engagement Lead Carolyn Hunt directly at

The PRIDEnet Team


PRIDEnet is a participant-powered research network (PPRN) that is designed to engage sexual and gender minority (SGM) individuals in the research process from end-to-end. PRIDEnet will help make sure that diverse voices from the LGBTQ and SGM community are involved in creating, analyzing, and disseminating information from The PRIDE Study.


Because of a long history of discrimination, stigma, and at times, outright medical neglect, SGM people face challenges in accessing adequate care and achieving optimal health. Additionally, SGM people may face marginalization due to age, language, race and ethnicity, and legal or socioeconomic status. PRIDEnet is committed to robustly reflecting this wide range of experience. Through its collaboration with The PRIDE Study, PRIDEnet seeks to generate knowledge about the health needs and experiences of SGM people. PRIDEnet stewards a research process that strives to be accountable to participants, informed by their priorities, and relevant, respectful, and valuable to SGM communities.

Community Partnership

PRIDEnet captures the greatest strengths of the SGM community: broad diversity, extraordinary experience, hard-earned wisdom, and the power of a social justice movement that has produced passionate leadership. Just as individual participants in The PRIDE Study live all across the country and represent the many varied life experiences, PRIDEnet community partners include SGM community centers and health clinics as well as policy, advocacy, and professional organizations from coast-to-coast. Some PRIDEnet partners have a well-established, national presence while others are small organizations that are deeply rooted in local concerns and experience.


By putting both the research process and the information it produces in the hands of the community, PRIDEnet supports a critical effort to identify disparities and address the health priorities of LGBTQ and other SGM people living in the United States. As members of a network comprising nearly 50 LGBTQ-serving organizations across the country, PRIDEnet community partners and their constituents collaboratively inform The PRIDE Study’s research priorities, recruitment strategies, and overall agenda. Community partners are a critical link in ensuring PRIDE Study participants are kept informed about research activities through an organization they trust and rely on. Feedback is personal and customized for the needs and resources of each community partner through direct contact between the community partner and PRIDEnet staff. This one-to-one connection ensures a prompt relay of community inquiries or feedback to researchers. Information about research progress and findings is quickly disseminated to community partners and participants by the same channels.

PRIDEnet Participant Advisory Committee (PAC)

The PRIDEnet PAC comprises a small, representative body of leaders drawn from different sectors of the LGBTQ community. The mission of the PAC members is to serve as advocates, giving voice to the broad spectrum of LGBTQ experience across the country. Through the PAC, the community is represented in decision-making from end-to-end of the research in an ongoing and committed way. The PAC provides guidance on PRIDEnet initiatives, reviews PRIDEnet and PRIDE Study proposals, and supports community engagement and outreach efforts. PAC membership is still growing. If you are interested in serving on the PAC, please contact for further details.


Ward Carpenter, MD
Laura Durso, PhD
Porsha Hall
Gabe Murchison, MPH
Drake Pearson
Tonia Poteat, PhD, PA-C, MPH
Asa Radix, MD

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This calendar shows PRIDEnet events and events of our community partners.

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PRIDEnet Partners

PRIDEnet is proud to be partnering with the following organizations from around the country to help improve LGBTQ health.