The Impact

There is strength in numbers. With each additional participant, our data become stronger, and our community becomes healthier.

The Information Gap

LGBTQ people continue to face unique health and healthcare disparities that stem from discrimination, stigma, and a lack of information about how our identities affect our health. Because sexual orientation and gender identity is not collected in most health studies, basic information about disease risk factors (like smoking), health promotion activities (like exercise), and unique strengths (like resilience in the face of adversity) is unknown.

With your participation, we can start to understand the many ways that sexual orientation and gender identity affect health!

Collaborating for a Healthy Future

The Pride Study is a longitudinal cohort study that will give us the opportunity to follow the LGBTQ community’s health over many years. By asking questions regularly about an individual’s behaviors, beliefs, and health, we can understand how people’s health and lives change over time. Collaborating with LGBTQ individuals over time will help us promote health and combat disease in our communities.

Results and Sharing Information

All data from The PRIDE Study will be presented in aggregate (grouped). No data on any single study participant will ever be presented (see our FAQ for more information).

Our goal is to make The PRIDE Study results and findings available to you, the LGBTQ community, health care professionals, policy-makers, and those interested in improving health for LGBTQ individuals. The more we share, the more we know and learn. We will only share information in a way that maintains your privacy and confidentiality.

As the study progresses, check the resources page of this site for results from The PRIDE Study and LGBTQ health information.

Our Impact

Each and every participant in The PRIDE Study makes an impact. The more people that take PRIDE, the more we learn and the greater our impact becomes.

We are building a foundation for ongoing learning and a long-term impact about how identity influences health. Initial results are expected approximately one year from the study start. But our learning will continue to grow and strengthen over the lifetime of the study.

Check back as the study progresses for more information on its impact.