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Thank you for standing with us.

Thank you for contributing to The PRIDE Study App. With the collected information you provided along with over 8,500+ Community posts, we are now working on creating multiple research studies in effort to advance healthcare for the LGBTQ community. You have made all this possible.

We’re proud to launch the next step of The PRIDE Study.

Change never felt so good.

We are moving on from the iOS app and onto our new web-based PRIDE Study experience. This allows you to access The PRIDE Study from your laptop, tablet, and mobile device (iOS and Android).

You don’t have to lift a finger.

We’ve packed up your data and moved it up over to our new experience. You can sign in with the same email and password you have been using for the iOS app. We’ll ask you to verify a couple things and then you’re ready to go.

Sign in now or continue reading for more information about the new experience.

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Features Include:

Fill out a comprehensive personal and medical profile for tailored content
Complete surveys that are curated especially for you based on your profile
View statistics of the entire PRIDE Study population to gain insight about the LGBTQ community
Receive opportunities to participant in other studies

Powerful dashboard

Organized view of your available activities and surveys along with The PRIDE Study participant statistics.

See exactly what you need to do

Notifications and badges make it easy to quickly identify what you need to do.

Learn about the community

Pick from different filters to see the make-up of The PRIDE Study participants.

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